Outboard Profiles for United States Merchant Vessels built by Maritime Commission and Maritime Administration under the Merchant Marine Act of 1936 between 1938 and 1982

All drawings by Karsten-Kunibert Krüger-Kopiske


Part I:    Maritime Commission Designs 1936 - 1952

The C1-Design

The C2-Design

The C3-Design

The C4-Design

The C5-Design

The Coastal Vessels

The Lakers

The Liberty Ships

The Passenger Ships

The Refrigerating Vessels

The Special Types

The Tanker-Designs

The Tugboats

The Victory-Ships

The Barge Program

Part II:    Maritime Administration Designs 1950 - 1982

MarAd C3 Design and their Variation

MarAd C4 Designs and their Variation

The C5 Designs

The C6 Designs

The C7 Designs

The Atomic Age

The Passenger Ships

The Tanker